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Taking the bite out of The Big Apple

For generations and generations, people have been coming from all over the world to New York City seeking to make their mark, find their fortunes and start new, better lives for themselves and their families. Frank Sinatra belting out the famous lyrics, “If I can make it there, I‘ll make it anywhere!” Still strikes a cord with many small town Americans who sell all their belongings and jump on a bus or train simply because, “I want to be a part of it. New York, New York!” For years, visitors from all walks, have spoken about falling in love with the great, New York City after just one visit. And what’s not to love? The suave bars on the Lower East Side, Jerry Seinfeld’s West Side, Soho, Little Italy, China Town, Greenwich Village, Lincoln Center, the Philharmonic, Times square; nowhere else on the planet has so much to do and so much diversity going on. But, let’s face it, life in a “City that never sleeps” can present many challenges that can often become quite overwhelming. Why not consider New Jersey Homes for Sale within 30-60 minutes from New York City.

The statement; ‘the big city is going to eat you up,’ rings true for many reasons, especially for a city as big as New York City. For many, who want to have their cake and eat it too, the real answer to living the dream, lies in moving to suburbia, often referred to as ‘getting out’ or ‘moving to the burbs,’. But is suburban life really the ‘ticket to ride,’? And just how hard is it for a life time, city dweller to make the adjustment to suburban living?

One of the best tactics to make the adjustment to becoming a suburbanite as painless and smooth as possible is to find the New Jersey Homes for Sale which are located within walking distance of fast, reliable 24/7 New York City commuter public transportation. Nothing is better for beating traffic jams than boarding a 20-30 minute express train into Manhattan. When you first move out of the city and into an area that is within a thirty minute train commute into fabulous, dynamic New York City, naturally the important happenings within the Big Apple are still going to be a big factor in your daily life, at least for the first few years. You’ll probably continue to be inclined to look to New York for your entertainment, for job and money making opportunities, for your news of the world and for your attitudes towards life itself for a long time. It helps to know that most of Northern New Jersey residents still enjoy the city and many of them were reluctant to leave the big apple at first but when children arrive and schools and safety become an issue, there is nothing more comforting than knowing your family is secure in suburban America.

While the new commuter will want to still be able to keep a finger on the pulse of the world’s most influential trend setting city, suburban living allows one the ability to keep the often energy draining, hectic, high living lifestyle in perspective. You can pull back, take a break, regroup and organize your focus and priorities, when living high becomes too much. You can escape the noise, the traffic, take a break from the pollution, crime and drama for a spell, knowing Broadway, the club scene and the most fantastic restaurants in the world will all be there waiting whenever you next feel the urge to partake of their splendors. This much more relaxed and leisurely daily environment has been proven to be quite valuable, healthy and therapeutic.

The biggest, immediate benefits of moving to a suburb are the obvious money savings due to the cheaper cost of living. Rents, mortgages, food, gas, taxes; everything costs less. When it comes to New Jersey Homes for Sale, rentals and mortgages, you get a lot more for your money when you move out of the city. An additional room or two can go a long way towards relieving stress for a family who was used to living cramped up in an overcrowded studio apartment or condo with only one bathroom to share. Not to mention the many delights one gets from having a nice size yard. Such as, gardening, sun-tanning and perhaps adding a dog to the family picture.

There are also benefits to be had from the extra exposure to more of Mother Nature herself. Numerous studies have shown how positive, open space and nature in all its glorious, wondrous varieties can be on the human psych. Which may explain, why, many lifetime city residents look to make the move to the suburbs as the answer to their dreams especially when they decide to settle down, marry and start planning for a family? Excitement is great and makes us feel alive but when family is concerned safety and sensibility tips the scale. The attitudes of your neighbors are generally more friendly, easy going, arm welcoming and personable in the suburbs which adds to the living experience and the feeling of belong to a community which can be so enriching.

Remember, there’s no reason you have to give up all the wild living, vast amount of culture and career opportunities New York City presents when making the move into the suburbs. Did you know there are four fantastically reliable Northern New Jersey train routes that run both ways to and from Manhattan. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to find out more about the 19 wonderful Northern New Jersey towns and the New Jersey Homes for Sale situated along these four express train routes that can transport you into the heart of Manhattan in 30 minutes or less! Find out everything Northern New Jersey Real Estate has to Offer the Manhattan Commuter! (973) 489-7916 http://FindNJHouse.Com.

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