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Pricing and Staging a Home to Sell!

Staging a New Jersey Home

Staging a New Jersey Home

Staging a home is the best kept secret among professional realtors. If done correctly staging a home can generate thousands of dollars for a home owner. There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint, some cute drapes, and a fancy table clothe can’t do to a beaten up old home. There are numerous sources with quick guides to help clean up a home. If a home seller has the time and money, hiring a staging company can be a worth while investment. If funds are an issue then look for a realtor which offers this service with their commission. Depending on the commission arrangement, staging can often be incorporated into the fee saving some money for the home seller.


Staging a Home for Sale:

Pack up all your personal belongings. Pictures, heirlooms, antiques can be placed in storage and rooms look larger and less personal without family photos. The goal here is for a buyer to imagine their own furniture and photos in the house, the less of you in the home then the buyer can imagine their own belongings in the house. Less is more in this situation.
Don’t confuse home staging for sale with home decorating. Home staging is when you neutralize a home, clean it up, maximize empty space, clean out closets. You want a home buyer to see all the qualities in the home, the detailed molding, high ceilings, beautiful windows. You want the attention on the home not on your personal china collection.
Buying a home is emotional and colors matter. Have you ever watched HGTV? There are numerous staging programs which can give you ideas how to reinvent your home for sale. Remember colors matter and cool, muted shades are best. Don’t forget the closets and a clean coat of white paint in the basement makes it look so much more inviting for potential home buyers.
A picture is worth a thousand words. There are 85% of home buyers shopping on the internet. As important as home staging is, the pictures generated for the online marketing are even more important. It is one thing to have a beautiful home, staged properly for sale, but you have to be able to capture the ambiance of a home in the camera. Hire a professional, it will be well worth it in the long run.

Home Staging References

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