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Selling Homes in the Winter Season

sell my home Just yesterday I answered a question on Zillow. When is the best time to sell my house? There were numerous answers, none of which addressed the real question which was. Can I sell my house NOW, in the middle of the Winter? The answer is “YES!”

If you need to move according to Kiplinger Financing Advice “Now is as good a time as ever.” The winter although looked upon as a hindrance to selling NJ Homes can also be an unforeseen advantage for a home seller. The key to Selling a Home in the Winter is curb appeal. Price it right, clean it up and you will be pleasantly surprised at what is happening in mid December 2013 in the NJ Housing Market.

Who is really home shopping in the winter? Let’s take a look at some profiles.

Jack has just been notified that his new job would like him to start at the beginning of 2014. He has got to find a home fast. There is limited inventory. He needs a quick closing and his company is willing to finance his move.

Mary wants her children in a specific neighborhood, she has been looking for a new home for 6 months, she missed out on 2 homes in the spring because she did not bid high enough. She is a serious buyer and is watching the housing market everyday.

Susan is approved for a mortgage, she decided to take advantage of the interest rates and she locked in with her mortgage. She now has 60 days to buy a home or loose her interest rate. She’s in a jam.

There is opportunity in every housing market. The key is learning how to navigate when seasons change. Or hire a professional to sell your NJ Home. Find out more about Gerri Leventhal.

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