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Selling Homes in the NY city suburbs of Northern NJ

“Home is the nicest word there is.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

The first rule when listing your house for sale is to simply, treat your home as an investment and stop thinking of it as the place where you created your family. Separate the emotional history your home symbolizes and start treating it like a financial investment. You cannot let your emotion become a factor in selling your home; if so, this will certainly be your number one

In Northern New Jersey real estate, most of the properties are being sold through real estate agents. In a tough market you need a top notch realtor on your side and you need to know some basic ground rules when choosing a New Jersey Realtor’s listing package:

Choosing a New Jersey Home Listing Package:

1. It is important that you are certain and must be fully informed about the terms and conditions on which the agent is to be retained as stated in the agency agreement, especially the length of the agreement.

2. The commission sharing; be well-informed about the manner on how it is being calculated. Remember, it is always possible to negotiate terms that will somehow favor you, due to your particular situation.

3. Ask whether you will be held responsible for any additional expenditure such as advertising.

4. It will also be a concern whether you have a fixed amount that you need to get to pay a mortgage off, plus taxes and other expenses or any other limitation as to a price drop.

5. It may be necessary for you to provide your buyers with a seller’s statement that will contain the details of the property. If so, it should basically include: tax rates, zoning, outstanding fines and notices, city orders, building approvals or permits and other services connected to the property.

When preparing your house for selling, remember, you only make a first impression on the prospect buyer once and first impressions last! When it comes to something as important as selling a home make sure everything looks its very best. Be sure that the first time that the prospect buyer will visit your place they will be impressed. This doesn’t mean you need to buy any expensive ornaments but simply give a good, homey impression of your house because of its neat appearance, well managed yard and routine maintenance. Of course beautifying and showcasing the security of your home will also count a lot to your buyers.

Coming up with the best selling price to list your home depends on a number of factors. The number of buyers that are available in the real estate market that are searching for homes like yours is the first basic consideration. A good realtor will check on the number of homes listed in the local real estate market, for homes that are similar to yours. This is where the competition factor enters, the more homes available, the lesser the possibility that your home will be sold at its asking price. So, you may want to consider highlighting something that gives you an edge over your competitors. Of course you will showcase any special features like an extra, large back yard, double garage, hard wood floors or a fully finished basement but you may want to think about having a little extra construction work done too. Paint can go a long way to sprucing up an appearance and neighbor kids can often be hired cheaply for yard work and simple chores. You should do all you can to control how your home looks when it goes on the market. Rush sales are only for those who needs the cash fast and are willing to take a loss. Homes in the New York City Suburbs of Northern New Jersey are too precious to be just given away at a low price.

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