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Sell My House I want as much money as possible as I need to retire. I don’t have the energy to paint but I renovated the kitchen when I bought this and I got good bones in this here house.

a Yikes! I am so stressed 2 kids and one on the way now I need a good school system! How can I ever afford a 4 bedroom home. Maybe I can get by with a 3 bedroom and finish the attic?

If you want to sell your house then you better understand who will be buying your home. New Jersey home buyers are looking for VALUE. They are experienced and they are educated, they have access to your tax records, the price you bought your home for, the condition your home was in when you bought it and they know what the neighbor sold their home for. This is the reality of selling a home in 2015. With references such as ZILLOW, TRULIA, REALTOR.COM and many many others, New Jersey home buyers will know more about your home in about 10 minutes after you put it on the market. Therefore it is more important than ever to establish VALUE day one.

To establish VALUE as a home seller you have to study the New Jersey Home Buyer. Know your stats, the average New Jersey Home Buyer has been shopping for 30-60 days, they have reviewed their finances with a Mortgage Broker, they know exactly what they can pay, they know exactly how many bedrooms and bathrooms they need and in many ways they have become more astute at determining VALUE for their particular price range and neighborhood, than their realtor. They know the comparable homes on the market and they have probably viewed them at last Sunday’s open house. So as a home seller, you have to realize that when you enter the real estate market your first 30 days are the most important.

Homes priced wrong and staged ineffectively will sit and sit and sit on the market. Price is a function of condition, location , age and amenities. Setting your listing price establishes VALUE and it pays to know your competition and hire an experienced agent with a proven track record.Let’s touch base, if you are thinking of selling your home. It would be a pleasure to work with you.

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