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Retirement Communities in Northern New Jersey

For New Jersey’s Home Builders, catering to senior housing needs has become a very lucrative and competitive trend. Chic adult communities are being developed in the most unlikely places. The generation of World War II may have in fact invented the current retirement standard of living in various ways. They outlived their work and accumulated significant wealth to enjoy their golden years. Their prospective re-settling places were Florida, California and Arizona due to its sunny weather with a handy golf course and pool and a country club or community center where they could establish their new social functions.

However, the Boomers have a different viewpoint. Baby Boomers have acquired many varied life experiences that they want to continue to enjoy in their adult communities. Consider, for example, fitness issues. The Boomers parents didn’t incorporate fitness into their lifestyle considering it as a boring routine. So, the entire exercise trend was started by the Baby Boomers. It is not a turnoff for them because they have accessed it throughout their lives. Therefore, adopting it into their adult communities as a part of their lifestyle is not a big deal. Smart Developers are therefore creating adult communities that embrace the rich baby boomers culture.

The major difference between the retirement villages of the first generation and adult active communities being constructed now is their locations. Numerous surveys reveal surprising results. 2 out of 3 boomers want to live within 100 miles away from where they lived and worked most of their adult life. The reason that motivates boomers who do move far away does not anymore lie on the nicer weather as it did in the past. Many move closer to their children’s families.

Some Local Retirement Communities

  • Cedar Grove- Four Seasons
  • Livingston- The Pointe
  • North Caldwell- Four Seasons
  • Wanaque- Wanaque Reserve
  • The phenomenon called stay-near-home caught most Northern New Jersey developers off guard. They never realized that one day the resort-style adult communities near main urban centers would be in such great demand. The Midwest and Northwest locations were always the best sellers for retiring couples. During the mid-90s one half of the country’s adult communities were situated in the Sunbelt. Washington D.C and Towns outside of New York City would seem not to be very popular retirement locations however there are dozens of thriving adult active communities available where some people never believed it would be possible. Today, three fourths of retirement communities are not within the Sunbelt anymore!

    The Boomers generation has been separated from the Me Generation for better or worse. History’s largest generation continues to change the faces of everything in their path. They value a healthy lifestyle over entertainment and have been enjoying art, education and fitness since childhood. It should hold no surprise that trendsetting Boomer retirees would reinvent the entire retirement village too. One thing is for sure Boomers regardless of their age will continue to make changes.

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