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Website Articles, Blog & Social Media Posts… ONLINE CONTENT READY TO PUBLISH & E-BOOKS!

Realtor E Book ready to publishThere’s a lot of Realtors working your same territory; to draw attention to your Real Estate Consulting Services, you need to post and publish relevant, important, wanted and distinguished written content online and offline consistently and strategically. The goal of this Realtor’s Web Content Marketing Package is to aid you with setting yourself apart as your area’s Property Finance Consulting Expert via supplying you with an authority status and author’s title.

The subjects broached in this Content Marketing Package: Financing, Credit Score, Sound Investing and Safeguarding One’s Economic Well being… are vital and relevant for all types of people in all classes and from all cultures who wish to involve themselves in property ownership and management. These books are helpful to house flippers and newlyweds, retirement couples, serious property portfolio holders and first time home owners…all who need to work with lenders to receive mortgages with good terms.

To conduct business you have to first establish a pattern of communication with your perspective clients. Tell the market place who you are, why you are different, better and what your differences can mean for them and their property projects and portfolios. Your name on
two well written helpful Real Estate Finance Books sets you apart.

*** Yes, you can print these books and pass them out to potential new clients you are courting. Or give them away as e-books, downloads as dialog starters for getting your foot in the door with new acquaintances. Edit them and mold them to better fit your specific agenda. Without a doubt being the author of these books, articles blogs and posts will set you apart as a unique and special Realtor in your local. ***

Being an Author will bring you more clients. Publishing well written articles, blogs and social media posts under your name will gain you and your business recognition. Nothing gains you more community love than writing a needed helpful guide book on topics like ‘Improve Your Credit Score’ or How to Manage Your Money!

Being an author makes you a local celebrity. You can get speaking engagements if you wish them. Be a guest on a local radio show. People quote your advice! With the quality written content from your Local Realtor’s Instant Finance Author/Expert in a Box Kit working to build
your business and gain you leads…the ski is the limit!

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