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Eco-Friendly Web Content for RealtorsRealtors, here is your easy way to connect with your local community around a shared vision for improvement and genuine concern that everyone is proud to be part of; all while subtly promoting your business and elevating your brand image. Enjoy the power and prestige of having your name on two impressive downloadable e-book’s covers without any of the
pain, time and effort of writing a single sentence.

The subject; Save Our Planet, is timeless and will build you status, bring admiration from your community members, gain business connections plus surely spur introductions and new client opportunities thru-out thelength of your career.

The aim of this content marketing packet is to help you, a local realtor, showcase yourself and your business as both leaders in your field as well as position you as an important, thoughtful, trustworthy business pro, a mentor and worthy member of your community. This pack of well written educational books and accompanying, supporting, easy to read articles will help you gain some exciting promotional attention in the communities you serve.

Think about the time and energy you would exhaust trying to write, by yourself, two books and all the accompanying articles, blogs and posts that come ‘done for you’ in your Eco-Friendly Realtor’s Author & Content Marketing Bundle.

In Modern Real Estate, nothing is more important than building and rehabbing in an environmentally safe way. Members from all-walks of your community; business, private sectors and politics, will be interacting with you, seeking your advice, tips and answers to their questions. Once you are established as the go-to expert folks will seek you out for
assurance and approval of their property plans and projects.

With ready to publish high quality content about urgent, vital topics, designed to be strategically posted and presented by you online as well as printed then distributed offline throughout your territory, you will surely gain notoriety and ambiance as an expert on environmental conservation and safe property preservation, construction and repair.

Let our pro-writers help you articulate the importance of preserving and protecting Mother Nature. Without preaching, you’ll be teaching your sales territory’s public how to stop wasting our precious natural resources, the importance of recycling and energy conservation. Green living is a topic that gets lots of media attention. People will know you as the Realtor Who Cares plus everyone wins, when more folks know how to live with nature.

Being represented by great written correspondence transforms how you are viewed as an authority in your Local Realty Scene. Teaching your community about the Green Life style and reminding them about the importance of living responsibly makes you a special role model in your community. These articles and e-books were written to impress readers and attract attention. With you as author, people will sign up to your email list and tell others because your message comes across clearly, makes good sense and they want to read more and know more.

Not much enhances a Realtor’s credibility and sincerity as authoring a few books and being outspoken and vocal in print online and offline about such an important community issue as saving and improving the local environment. These publications have been written by the very best writers to help enhance your business image and make you look good in front of the public your clients and prospective new clients.

*** Yes, you can print these books and pass them out to potential new clients you are courting. Or give them away as free e-book downloads as dialog starters for getting your foot in the door with new acquaintances. Edit them and mold them to better fit your specific agenda. Use them as sign up incentives to join your email list. Without a doubt being the author of these books and articles will set you apart as a very unique and special Realtor in your sales location. ***

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