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Realtors Become an Author KitYour Local Realtor’s Web Domination Content Marketing Package is designed to help you, a Local Licensed Realtor with your online and offline marketing, promoting, publicity and branding of your business services. We’ve created business lead magnets and email list builders that you can add your name to as the author, post, print and distribute all over cyberspace as well as passing them out in your sales neighborhoods.

Yes, your own E-books titled; ‘Selling Your House Fast’ by your name as author and ‘Buying & Investing in Property that Grows in Value’ by you! Plus you get a bundle of supporting articles about: Making Money with Real Estate, Buying a Home, Selling a House, House Flipping, Owning & Managing Property, House Staging, Buying Foreclosures, Leasing Successfully, Renting…

The overall objective is for you to introduce yourself and your Real Estate Business Services to your targeted communities through the publishing of very well written, quality web articles, social posts, blogging and instructional, pamphlets and e-books.

These educational e-books and informative articles about important Real Estate Topics should be used as promotional material and marketing tools. A Realtor gains clients by getting people thinking about improving their lives. Once you are connecting with your community there really is no ceiling for how big you can grow your real estate business.

***Yes, you can print these books and pass them out to potential new clients you are courting. Or give them away as e-book downloads as dialog starters for getting your foot in the door with new acquaintances. Edit them and mold them to better fit your specific agenda. Without a doubt being the author of these books and articles will set you apart as a unique and special Realtor in your local.***

Leveraged with a smart, aggressive promotional strategy your becoming an instant author will be looked back upon as the best Real Estate Career Move you’ve ever made! Instant stardom in your field! Instant recognition in your sales territory! Publicity! Free media coverage! Respect! Envy of your peers and competitors!

How better a way for you to get acquainted with your business prospects, those living and working in your sales territory than thru allowing them to read your e-books and articles which detail your passions for real estate, property and making sound investment decisions? Your e-books and articles will teach, inform, delight, coach and develop how your community members rethink the way they look at local property and realty worth. Your name will be on the lips of your local public whenever Real Estate Strategy and property investing opportunity is discussed.

The more you post your informative articles and give away or sell your How-To Books the more publicity and spin off business you will gain. Competitor Realtors cannot compare themselves to you. They are out classed! You are your Real Estate Scenes Local Author and Authority Figure!

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