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Real Estate Training

Gerri Leventhal

Looking for an exciting career where your earnings are unlimited? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been selling real estate in Northern New Jersey for 20 years now and one thing I can tell you for sure is every day brings new challenges, opportunities and pay days! Yes pay days! The truth about real estate is that it can be one of the most lucrative investments you have ever made in yourself. Meeting new clients everyday keeps me engaged in my job and I look forward to waking up each morning to see what the day will bring.

That being said , real estate is one of those professions crowded in mystique and quite honestly it looks easy from an observers point of view. But if its so easy why is the attrition rate 90%? The truth is real estate is not for everyone. It’s long hours, lots of learning and the pay off does not come immediately. The trick I found over the past 20 years to why one person survives and thrives and one new realtor runs for the hills is dedication, determination and above all immediate training from a MENTOR who cares about your success.

The design of : The real estate starters first 90 days Course


This course was designed to take any new realtor with a license through a “boot camp” to expose then to real estate and get them up and running in 90 days. As you walk through the exercises I will be with you every step of the way. You will learn how to implement a proven successful real estate practice as well as maintain a database of clients to ensure your long term success. Each weekly lesson comes with a 60 minute call to me to ask questions and review your weekly plan as well as your current real estate deals.



Technical Skills

Social Media

In the 90 day course I have outlined the most effective way to implement your online strategy. Chapters have been slimmed down and contain straight forward and easy to understand technical training in regards to what does a realtor need to do online in 2016 to stay competitive? Do you really need a google plus account? How effective is twitter? Can your facebook page really generate business? How does online blogging effect your off line or bottom line of your business? These are all questions only experience can answer. That’s why as you read through and implement the 90 day course we will get together once a week to review your questions.



Time Management!

Noone will tell you this in real estate school but getting up and running in 90 days is imperative to your success. There is no formal degree in real estate and the only way you can gain access to the information is through a dedicated mentor. After 3 months of making no money with no signs of success you will be very disallusioned.



Mentoring that works!

Real estate Relationships

The course is broken up into 30 day segments each focusing on the most important issues to get you up and running quickly. Facebook blog posts, website page, press releases have been already written with an seo strategy built in. As you walk through the daily plan each online task is coordinated with an offline marketing task to directly influence your bottom line. There is no time wasted in figuring out what you need to become successful in your new career. The first 90 days is boot camp and its all about surviving and getting up in running to free up your time to put able and ready buyers and sellers in your car to purchase real estate.

What’s Included

Website Starter Kit 100 Blog Posts to success 60 minute weekly webinar
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