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Real Estate Investment for Retirement

baby boomers retirement homesOnce the kids finish college and get out on their own, you usually find your life naturally simplified considerably. Selling your home is now a real consideration. You no longer need as big a house and many of the extras that were important when you were raising a family in that house. To prepare for retirement, do a thorough review of your assets and your expenses. You will find you can cut costs significantly and even begin to sell off and cash in on some of the extras you have had all these years. Next, put all of those savings into the bank as a hedge for the day when you are ready to retire. Now, if you are like most Boomers this still may not be enough, so you may want to try to grow your extra savings even one step more.

Remember, to look for a quick turn-over, high yielding investment not one that will tie your money up for many years. There are many types of investment opportunities that fit this criteria just remember most come with some risk. Since this is a real estate related website we shall stick to real estate investments. House Flipping is possibly one of the best fits for many early retirees to consider.



Real estate investing in a fixer upper home can be ideal for a retiree who has extra spare time and wants to stay active by doing a lot of the repairs him or herself. The exercise is great for your health and you save money on hiring contractors. The key is being able to identify homes and property that can be jazzed up with minimal time, effort or expense then sold quickly for a lot more! Sometimes all that is required is finding a seller who is in dire need of cash so they are willing to take a below market value bid. Other times you may recognize property eye sores that can be repaired cheaply or home enhancements that can raise your re-selling price! Of course having Find NJ House in your corner to assist you every step of the way makes it easy, less risky and the whole process less stressful. To find out how Gerri can help you simply call: (973) 489-7916

In the current real estate market, many sellers are simply strapped for cash and cannot afford to make the necessary repairs that would get them top dollar offers. That is when your extra savings come in. You have the funds to beautify your purchase then make a killing when you re-sell it just a few months later. If you are interested in learning more about house flipping in Northern New Jersey I would highly recommend first reading through our FREE!….HOUSE FLIPPING REPORT:


*Also, contact Gerri Leventhal and get yourself on the VIP investor’s list so you are contacted first when new real estate investment opportunities first present themselves! Like easy fixer-uppers or a rental property that will go on paying for your retirement lifestyle for the rest of your years.

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