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Real Estate Books

Real Estate Books By Gerri Leventhal

Art and Science of Real Estate Business

The Art and Science of Real Estate Consulting: By Gerri Leventhal

Here’s Your Guide to Solid Real Estate Business Development. Gain Referrals, Master Online and Offline Marketing Strategy, Create Great Neighborhood Word-of-Mouth Advertising, Build Your Business Persona and Your Brand Image, Synchronize All Your Efforts to Cross Promote. Put in place good daily business habits. See the whole Realty…Read More

Blogging Realtors ~ Realtor Blogging Secrets: By Gerri Leventhal

Learn How Top Realtors Use the Internet to Build Relationships, Gain Biz Leads, Connect to the Communities to Which They Wish to Consult and Discover Great New Clients and Fantastic Lucrative Business Opportunities. Yes, Realtors are easily blogging their way to expert status and sounding like genius property consultants in their sales… Read More

Blogging Realtor

Google is a Realtor’s Best Friend: By Gerri Leventhal

Take Advantage of the Many Ways Google Makes it Easy for You, a Local Realtor to Recreate Your Community’s Vision of Your Local Property Market Scene. Dominate the Web by understanding All the Many Google Apps, Tools, Programs and Advantages Google the Most Powerful Online Entity Offers Realtors…Read More

Cyber Buzz – Online Traffic for Realtors: By Gerri Leventhal

Find More Leads, Prospect More Efficiently, Gain More Listings, Sign More Clients, Close More Sales and Profit! Find then communicate with large targeted online website audiences. Engage in compelling Social Media and Blog Conversations. Compile powerfully specialized niche opt/in e-mail lists,…Read More

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Realtor Web Content

Real Estate Lead Magnets

Realtor Web Content