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Northern New Jersey Real Estate, the Sixth Borough

New Jersey Commuter towns within 30-60 minutes from NYCBy car pool, ferry, bus, train, subway, cab, limo and helicopter; more than two million worker bees buzz daily into New York City’s Manhattan Borough. They pour in from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, New Jersey, up-state New York, Connecticut and yes, even Pennsylvania. For many, many years, (Over two centuries) Manhattan has been the Metropolitan area’s center of business, finance, culture as well as the world’s fashion setter, media hub, entertainment authority and more. This growth in New York City’s job market has naturally, led to more workers commuting in from the outlying suburbs. Where are most of these New York commuters coming from? Where do they choose to reside and why? The answer just might surprise you.

Northern New Jersey

The majority of Manhattan’s new commuters are coming in from across the Hudson River where they’ve chosen to set up house in the suburbs of Northern New Jersey. Considering all their other options, the influx of New Jersey Home Buyers from New York City speaks volumes through a mega phone. Stats for recent years show Northern New Jersey reports an increase in Manhattan commuting of up to 18 – 21% yearly. No other region even comes close; the amount of Manhattan commuters from Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau County and the Hudson Valley are all actually reporting declines in commuting to the great borough. So why, suddenly are the Big Apple’s commuters re-discovering the value of Northern New Jersey living? Political vision and mass transit development is one of the keys.

Year after year, New York City holds the record for being our country’s top destination for ‘extreme commuting’. Extreme Commuting is defined as, over 90 minutes of time spent daily on both to and from work. In recent years, Northern New Jersey has spruced up her transportation options. There are now many charming North Jersey communities set up with fast reliable 24/7 30 minute commutes into the great metropolis of Downtown Manhattan.

The Montclair/Boonton Train services Bloomfield, Montclair, Upper Montclair, Little falls and Glen Ridge. All five of these towns offer unique, attractive personalities, beautiful architecture, public parks, fine schooling, safe healthy environments and diverse enriching community life styles. Hop on the train to avoid highway traffic congestion and you are swept into one of the biggest, most exciting cities in the world in 30 minutes.

The Morris and Essex Train routes will get you from the diverse, artsy community of South Orange NJ, known for its early 1900’s style architecture and commute into mid-town Manhattan in thirty minutes. This route also services; Maplewood famous for her brick colonials, Millburn and Short Hills known for her historic million dollar estates, Summit, home to many of Manhattan’s financial elite and Chatham, known for her Victorian Homes.

The Main Train Line and Raritan Valley Train are two more fine examples of Northern New Jersey stepping up to offer fast, public, 24/7, commuter services into the ‘City That Never Sleeps’.

The influx of this new breed of higher income commuters known as the millenniums, are choosing to reside in Northern New Jersey towns and they represent a young, high income resident interested in living well, they support the local shopping venues, (hence the importance of the walk score), restaurants and entertainment establishments, which, equates into healthier and stronger communities over all. They are looking for high quality residences near local amenities with very quick access to work.

In times when most of our nation’s economy is wavering, to say the least, the steady economic growth in Manhattan and her four neighboring boroughs; The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island naturally creates economic opportunities over flowing into all of their surrounding communities Northern New Jersey included. And what does this all mean to the smart investor ready to take advantage of a buyers Real Estate market before things turn?

It means taking advantage of all-time low prices, government incentives, tax breaks and an unprecedented amount of property inventories of all types to choose from. If becoming a landlord is one’s goal, buy cheap, fix it up the Northern New Jersey luxury rental market is at an all time high. But this higher income commuter is not just renting. Their intelligent, educated, young, gutsy and they understand finance. Many of them are purchasing the older fixer uppers, doing most of the grunt work themselves to restore the beautiful architectural highlights then paying to add modern additions. This new breed of informed commuters realize real estate investing in Northern New Jersey is much safer than in the rest of the nation and statistics back this theory up. Property values in many Northern New Jersey real estate areas are predicted to hold or grow in value steadily while real estate values everywhere else are still dropping or just starting the recovery process.

Real estate market trends are based on confidence. To New York commuters right now Northern New Jersey dwellings represent a safe haven. They are renting and buying.

Rediscover the value and vitality of the Northern New Jersey life style, set up residence in the diverse, vibrant communities of North Jersey; Little falls, Montclair, Upper Montclair, Nutley, the Oranges, Glen Ridge, Millburn, Verona, Chatham, the Caldwells, Clifton, Westfield, Summitall within thirty to sixty minutes of the Big Apple. Is it any wonder that many in the industry are beginning to refer to Northern New Jersey Real Estate as the sixth borough.

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