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New Jersey Architecture terms

Interested in learning more about New Jersey home styles and various architectural styles? Whether you are shopping for New Jersey land and planning to build a home, or searching the NJ MLS you should be familiar with some basic architectural terms.

Arch – A curved structure that supports a doorway or spans a path or roadway.
Beam – Horizontal structural load support used for floors but usually only visual as ceilings.
Bearing wall – A wall that is supporting a vertical load such as a roof, ceiling, floor, beams, joists, or girders.
Columns – Long pole like supports that hold up a roof or ceiling
Curb – A concrete or stone edging of a walkway or street.
Dome – An inverted bowl shaped ceiling, usually half of a sphere.
Downspout – Piping that carries rain water from a roof or roof gutter to ground level, the street or sewer.
Dumbwaiter – small elevator used to transport food from a kitchen to other floors of a building.
Eaves – The edge of a roof which overhangs the side of a building.
Façade – The exterior face of a building.
Face Brick – Decorative high grade of brick used to finish the exterior of an outside wall of a building.
Flue – The inside of a chimney through which gases and smoke travel to escape to the outside.
Gazebo – A freestanding, ornamental summer yard structure, open sided, roofed and usually octagonal shaped. Gazebos are designed for shade, resting and brief mild shelter from the elements.
Loft – An attack space built below the roof of a building, home or barn.
Masonry – Brick, concrete or stone work.
Portal – An opening in the wall of a structure or a large gateway. It is frequently used to designate a grand entranceway.
Refinish – To restore the top coating to its original state.
Sewer – system of piping that transports waste and rainwater away from a structure.
Shingles – Tapered, over lapping materials used for finishing roofs.
Veranda – An open roofed gallery or balcony.
Wrought iron – A soft form of iron usually used in decorative rails and gates.

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