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Montclair NJ Real Estate | Plymouth Street

There is a lot of talk amongst New Jersey Home Buyers when it comes to Montclair Real Estate. Most New Yorkers have heard of Montclair NJ, they usually have a friend who lives here or a family member who has been here. But few know the difference between Upper Montclair and Montclair Real Estate. So lets clear up some misconceptions between the zip codes 07042 and 07043.

Watchung Avenue runs east to west through Montclair New Jersey, it divides the town between what is Upper Montclair (07043) and Montclair NJ (07042). If you had to differentiate the two neighborhoods within Montclair, I would say that Upper Montclair is smaller and primarily single family homes. Montclair Proper is known for larger homes, more land, privacy and some really beautiful estates in the South Mountain Estate section. Plymouth Street marks the northern border of the South Mountain Estate Neighborhood, close enough to enjoy the antique shops and restaurant in down town Church Street or the business district of Montclair, yet far enough away from Montclair University to enjoy a quiet residential neighborhood. The lot size on Plymouth street is closer to 0.4 acres and the homes range from 3,000-6,000 square feet on average. As you travel south in Montclair Proper the homes become larger, the roads more picturesque and the real estate more private and expensive. The town also offers a jitney service to Bay Street train station for easy New York City commuting.

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