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Investing in Upper Montclair NJ Real Estate

Montclair Homes for SaleThere’s guaranteed benefits in buying homes inside the Upper Montclair Real Estate market. People are always relocating to the NY City Metro Area. While the Big Apple can’t be beat for work and play, everyone nowadays wants to have a home where they can have privacy, a sense of neighborhood and a little peace of mind. Upper Montclair, was originally designed by its founders to be a charming residential friendly neighborhood. The community consists of large early 19 century homes with 0.5 acre lots and tree lined streets surrounding a well centralized down town on Bellevue Avenue, complete with a train station to New York, a Decamp Bus Line, Movie Theatre and tons of restaurants.

Buying a home in the suburbs of New York assures a good return on your investment. If you ever decide to sell, Location is the one important amenity which retains value in any real estate market. Upper Montclair allows quick easy access to: Route 3, the Garden State Parkway, New Jersey Turnpike, Route 280, Route 46 and Route 80. Newark Airport is about 6 miles away, Jersey City is right around the corner and Montclair offers quick daily public transportation into New York City in less than 60 minutes. Investing in real estate, in a community like Upper Montclair, that has proven its durability and resilience year after year even through recessions, is not only wise but will assure the property owner his/her return on investment.

With the economy now stabilizing, investing in a house is certainly, for most families, a great financial decision. To protect your interests and assure that you make the best possible decisions it is always smart that you have a trained, experienced real estate agent on your side, preferably one who is an expert in the local real estate market. Big named portals like Zillow and Trulia can only take you so far. You can learn the average sales prices and days on market , but you can’t find out which street/sewers floods on a bad day, or which streets are closed for the local parade etc.

Buying a home is a long and involved process that includes a close inspection of personal assets, credit limits and credit records that will ultimately culminate with a huge financial commitment. It is well advised to weigh all the pros and cons before taking the plunge of buying any home. There is no perfect time or best season of the year to buy. Remember the real estate closest to mass reliable public transportation is some of this world’s most sought after real estate. That is why a lot of real estate investors, on the inside, think of Upper Montclair NJ real estate as the secret charm that is often overlooked due to her small size and her low key, privacy valuing residents.

Having a great home, with a fast, easy, commute into New York City takes setting up a good plan. Easy, quick, reliable access to the Big Apple and all its charms is what the Essex County Real Estate arena and the surrounding suburbs is all about. The name of the game is property that is within walking distance of a choice of train stations and bus stops all destined for New York City. Close, public transportation becomes especially important if you’re planning on working in New York while enjoying the comforts of living in the beautiful suburbs. When scouting neighborhoods, one should also consider the locations of the home to schools as well as the quality of the town’s school system. Even if you don’t have kids, the school issue will come into play if you ever decide to sell. The Bottom line is a good school system retains home values.

Upper Montclair’s School System is top notch employing some of the best teachers in the state. Upper Montclair NJ is home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the country. Adding to the area’s charm is the three historical village like shopping areas, dominated by a heavy, artsy shop theme, mom and pop store presence. Anyone wanting to live within easy access of the five boroughs of New York City, Upper Montclair NJ Real Estate is the place to search for your dream house.

Working with a good established Northern New Jersey Realtor who specializes in Upper Montclair NJ Real Estate, gives you instant access to massive amounts of pertinent, insider information that is at their disposal. They will inform you about current market trends, the history of specific houses in the neighborhood and the types of people who live there. An experienced northern NJ realtor also knows how to negotiate for you. They know how to assess the right price and they can suggest the lowest price it will take to close the deal based on their knowledge of what other similar homes have been recently selling for as well as other variables only a local insider would know about.

Yes it true, you may occasionally bump into one of the celebrities who have chosen Upper Montclair NJ real estate as their place to make their home. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, lived here, Yogi Berra also made his home in Upper Montclair, as does famous soccer player, Ingrid Wells. But the reason most people move here is because Upper Montclair NJ is one of the rare places left that is truly a peaceful, oasis for the New York City Commuter. I’m so happy to be the one to welcome you, into the neighborhood.

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