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How’s the market

Northern New Jersey towns are a unique real estate environment. Located just 10-20 miles outside of Manhattan, creates a demand for these communities which is unparalleled with the rest of the country. Although the real estate market has experienced a slow down in the past few years, towns which offer a 30-60 minute commute via train or bus to New York City are far from crumbling. All towns serviced by Find NJ House offer a quick Manhattan Commute, good schools, and fabulous architecture. Knowing the different real estate markets and what each town has to offer is an important step in your home search.

Get to know the communities in Northern New Jersey where you can afford to buy the home you need, and commute to work in a reasonable amount of time. Studying the market will provide you with a price range to establish the value of the home you are trying to sell or the home you are trying to buy. If you are looking for where to start. This is it! Whether you are buying or selling a home in Northern New Jersey, knowing the market is a MUST!  Our statistics are free and easy, so you can be “in the know” with absolutely no risk. What Makes these reports so valuable is that the research is Live and the charts are updated every 7 days.

One of the first questions to ask yourself if you are relocating to Northern New Jersey: Where do you commute to work? What is your price range? What is your required square footage in a home? If you are selling a Northern New Jersey Home: What town is the home located in? What kind of Manhattan commuting options does the town offer? What is the intrinsic value of the school system? How does the tax rate affect value? Knowing the answer to these question will assist in pricing your own home to sell or point you in the right direction of what community in Northern New Jersey will best meet your real estate needs. If you have questions, Let’s get in Touch and schedule a consultation.

If you are thinking of Buying or Selling a home in the near future you should also request the following Reports.

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