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When looking for houses for sale in NJ as a home buyer there are numerous sources on the internet. You have trulia, zillow, hot pads, realtor.com, and now there is dwellicious , a social bookmarking site where you can download and store all your favorite homes. Where is one to start? Long gone are the open house days to fill your sunday afternoons. Now a days all you need to do is click on google search and look for a NJ MLS site and you are good to go. Often I get a call from someone sitting in front of a home who would like to see the house NOW, only to find out that the house is ” Under Contract” and pending a closing.

As not all realtors are created equal neither are NJ MLS websites. When searching for houses for sale in NJ you must consider the TIME FRAME a real estate website is working with. Some of the bigger websites are good for research but are well known for advertising or selling local ads to realtors and they are under no obligation to ever withdraw the home from their NJ MLS data base. The best advice I could offer if searching for houses for sale in NJ -is to find out:

1. How often is your NJ mls database updated- FindNJHouse.com is updated with NJ MLS information every 60 minutes.

2. What is the procedure for removing homes from the website once they go under contract.

3. Is the home listed under numerous listing agents?

Visit FindNJHouse.com for up to the minute state of the art NJ MLS information.

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