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Google is a Realtor’s Best Friend | By Gerri Leventhal

Google SEO for RealtorsTake Advantage of the Many Ways Google Makes it Easy for You, a Local Realtor to Recreate Your Community’s Vision of Your Local Property Market Scene. Dominate the Web by understanding All the Many Google Apps, Tools, Programs and Advantages Google the Most Powerful Online Entity Offers Realtors for defining Your Local Real Estate Industry Niche. Own Your Sales Territory by Mastering and coordinating all Google makes available to you for: research, lead generating, social media, analytics, promoting, a free blog, search engine ranking, targeted advertising!

Master putting to use just a little of Google; Blogger, G Plus, Advance Search, AdSense, Analytics, YouTube, Maps, G Suite, Google’s Cloud, Gmail… and you can rule your online Realty Scene! Yes Goggle lets you manage your business, store, save data, organize, analyze and
promote. Once you know how to coordinate all the power and energy of Google’s suite of business products and services, you become a very efficient consultant for your clients and a community spokesperson online and offline.

Leverage Google to recommend you first, to online searchers. Learn how to apply inexpensive, yet very, targeted ads to get your marketing messages in front of large e-audiences filled with potential clients.

Realtor, Broker and Author Gerri Leventhal’s New Realtor’s Google Handbook, ‘Google is a Realtor’s Best Friend’, offers direction, advice and guidance to the novice and any online struggling Real Estate Agent. All Real Estate Industry Professionals can learn to succeed and profit by using the web to its fullest. You too should be capitalizing by putting to work the many Google Tech Advantages to out distance your competition.

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