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Two Important Steps


Staging your home -before you hit the real estate market

While most of our marketing efforts are aimed at bringing prospective buyers to your door, the most important point in selling your New Jersey Home occurs the moment your prospect steps inside. You only have one chance to make that all-important first impression, and I am ready to help you make the most of it.

Merchandising a New Jersey Home is much like staging a show; you have to play to the audience. In order to be effective, the “director” must first become intimately familiar with the audience, their tastes and preferences, their likes and dislikes. Gerri Leventhal is well equipped to do just that, drawing on training that covers the fine points of selling Northern New Jersey Homes, merchandising, as well as the personal experience of promoting homes like yours to the people in our marketplace. Findnjhouse was created in partnership with a full time construction team and a professional interior design/ staging company, which are key elements in the home selling process. If necessary we have the ability to completely overhaul your home and maximize your financial return.

Of course, much of the staging or merchandising is just common sense and can be done through a home owner without the professional eye of an interior designer. Clean up, Touch up, Repair anything that needs it. I will help you identify those important details that can make a big difference in how quickly, and profitably, you sell your New Jersey Home.

Maximizing Exposure-brings the buyers but…

My job in the home selling process is to bring targeted buyers to your New Jersey Home and to expose them to the best characteristics your home has to offer, this is the normal home selling process. Accent the positive and try to eliminate the negatives not to be cliche. But the responsibility to expose a home to the market place is the expertise that FindNJHouse brings to the table. What we need from you is a simple action plan to show your home. Buyers are looking for convenience and flexibility, sellers are looking to not disrupt their families lifestyle. These two forces need to meet in the middle in order for your home to successfully sell. At the initial appointment we will discuss what is the best strategy to show your home.

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