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How to Sell a New Jersey HomeWith over 90% of today’s buyers doing their home research on the web and mobile devices, my listing packages employ the most innovative marketing techniques and goes way beyond the traditional MLS service you find at most brokerage firms. I specialize in the latest mobile, social media and marketing technologies to ensure that your home gets seen by the greatest amount of potential buyers via mobile applications, QR codes (bar codes that can be scanned by smart phones), web based home tours, video and more. I have over 18 years of experience selling Northern New Jersey Homes and I have seen many markets come and go. I know how to handle every aspect of the sale process – from strategically marketing and showcasing your home to finding the most suitable buyer. Although paperwork is not my favorite part of the real estate transaction I am very skilled at pricing, negotiating, marketing, photography and making sure everything’s signed, sealed and delivered by the closing date.

One of the first questions to ask any realtor during a listing presentation is : “who is the home buyer for my house and how can you make it as easy as possible for them to find it?” All homes are not the same and everything is customized to your home. After a home buyer presents themselves, it’s all about you and negotiating to make sure we get the terms that meet your personal needs. My goal for you is two fold, first to make sure you get the highest and best price possible for your home and two, you relax and enjoy the selling process as much as possible. I am very flexible and can work within your schedule and meet your concerns, so let’s touch base. 973-489-7916 direct

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Basic Listing Package For Your Home.

Showcase Listings  on Realtor.com (#1 Nationally Searched Site)
Listings & Premier Agent on Zillow.com/Yahoo! Real Estate
Listings & Premier Agent on Trulia.com (#4 Nationally Searched Site)
Professional  Property Photos + Detailed Descriptions
Custom Designed  Marketing Materials
Virtual Mobile Based Home Tour for Smart Phones & iPad
YouTube Video Marketing to Many Social Media Channels
Custom Yard Sign Rider Tailored Specifically to Your Home w/ QR Code & Web Address so Potential Buyers Can Get Instant Access to Information on Your Home

How I Sell Your Home!

The three key factors in selling your home really come down to Marketing, Price and Online Presence. As mentioned before, with the vast majority of buyers searching for homes online, you need a REALTOR© that has a VERY STRONG online presence and aggressive online marketing strategy, coupled with traditional marketing methods, to effectively market your home and reach the most potential buyers. With millions of people subscribed to Facebook pages alone, social media must be engaged properly to sell your New Jersey Home. I also market your New Jersey Home on Pinterest (fastest growing social media site in the world), Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Price is also a key factor in selling your home quickly and effectively. You can have the best marketing and online presence in the world and not be able to sell your home if it’s priced too high. Why? Because today’s buyers are educated and have a perceived value in their mind of what your home is worth. The best way to sell your home is to price it in line with sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood because that is what today’s buyers know, understand and can agree with. Marketing is only one of the ways to get buyers into your home, price is another. The fastest and best way to sell your home is a comprehensive marketing plan coupled with pricing your home right from the start and I have the knowledge and expertise to help you do just that.

The Basics of Marketing Your Home For Sale

Your marketing efforts and considerations will include advertising, showing the property, how long the house has been on the market and whether you’re buying another home. Your home will be listed in two New Jersey Multiple Listing Systems, the Garden State Multiple Listing System and the New Jersey Multiple Listing System.  This dual exposure covers double the territory of most New Jersey Realtors.

Advertising and Promotion-For Your Home

Properties will be advertised through numerous real estate agent web sites, internet home search/listing services, classified advertising and real estate guides. Promotion efforts through these avenues and MLS tours are a good way of getting other buyer agents to view your home and to promote it to the buyers they are working with.

Even with all these advertising avenues,” For Sale” signs on front lawns are still remarkably effective.  When appropriate, and with your permission, I will send a mailing about your property to neighbors. Sometimes one of them has a friend or relative who always wanted to live on your street. You never know how far reaching the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising by friends, relatives and neighbors can be.

If You’re Buying Another Home

You may wonder what will happen when you’re selling one home and buying another – how will all the details work out? This is a common situation and REALTORS, lawyers, title and escrow companies have plenty of experience in arranging contracts and loans so that the two transactions dovetail smoothly. And should you sell your home first then buy or buy first then sell? Ideally, it’s best to find a home you like and make an offer subject to selling your current home. This generally works in a normal market. However, in a “hot” market most sellers will not accept a “subject to sale” offer. In this case you will need to sell your home first and then buy a new home in the interim period between selling and vacating your house.

If you find that you need to buy the next house before you’ve received the proceeds from the present one, lending institutions can sometimes make you a short-term ” bridge” loan to tide you over between the two transactions. Make sure you fully understand the exposure and emotional investment before proceeding with this type of loan as intrest rates can escalate quickly.

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