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The topic of buying and selling real estate in North New Jersey can be very tricky as the market continually shifts. The whole world’s eye is watching New York City and the towns and property surrounding Manhattan. The wealthy and affluent, celebrities and business moguls from around the globe all realize the luxury of owning estates, nearby all the hustle and bustle of New York City.

Northern New Jersey real estate has no choice but to be exciting simply because of its location. As would be expected, there are plenty of towns and communities catering to every type of life style in Northern New Jersey that are just 30-60 minutes from Manhattan via train and bus lines. But, there is also a lot more to North New Jersey than just being New York City’s neighbor!

New Jersey has always been the getaway place of choice for New York’s rich and affluent when they seek quick shelter from the draining fast pace of “the City That Never Sleeps”. They first came to NJ for relaxing rides through Mother Nature’s soothing countryside of scenic Upper Montclair, beautiful North and West Caldwell and tree lined Cedar Grove. Then they quickly fell in Love with the quant towns and cordial people of Summit NJ, Chatham NJ and Livingston NJ

Yes, our century’s Movers and Shakers, just like the Big Wheelers and Dealers of the past still want and need to live and work in the vicinity of the Big Apple, period! Rents and the cost of living are high in NYC and desirable affordable property is limited. Living conditions can be quite hectic especially for families trying to raise children! This is where New Jersey, right across the river comes into play as the desirable homestead alternative.

Sure, the New York Burroughs play host of many of the most prestigious museums, theaters and educational institutes on earth. New York, for quite some time has represented the biggest and best job markets for just about any industry imaginable. The world’s financial district is located in NYC as also resides the hub of our nations Fashion Industry, Book Publishing and Music Industries are represented in a big way as is a huge, powerful part of the Globe’s Entertainment Industry. Yes, people from all over our country as well as abroad dream of moving to the Big Apple to strike it big! But the reality of the staggering costs of attempting to set up shop in Center City Manhattan can be quite daunting and even renting an efficiency apartment in the nostalgic Village can be very pricy indeed!


– Frank Sinatra’s hit song tells us –


Sinatra was right. Many corporations consider working experience in competitive New York City to be invaluable and they are willing to pay for your experience. The contacts, friends, knowledge and experiences one acquires while residing and working in and around New York City are priceless! But the New York life style often takes its toll. Many burn out! Northern New Jersey real estate, right across the river and within a thirty minute commute to the greatest job market, educational centers and entertainment venues in the world offers the New York lover a much necessary oasis!

For decades, many of New York City’s Elite have been turning to the suburbs of New Jersey like; Maplewood Real Estate, South Orange Real Estate, Millburn, Short Hills, Essex Fells and Verona as their places to escape the chaotic big city life style. That does not mean they are willing to give up one inch of their beloved New York City, home of the best shopping, bar hopping, theater districts and business opportunities our world has to offer. But, these commuting New Yorkers still want the privacy, relaxation and safety for their family that the nearby Northern New Jersey Suburbs offer! What all this means to the average North Jersey home and potential property buyer is competition and extra, extra competitiveness!

It is always a seller’s market in the real estate arena surrounding New York City! Dignitaries from foreign lands, Japanese business men, Greece tycoons buy property and place bids sight unseen in the Big Apple’s suburbs! The most popular rentals and condo units have long waiting lists plus it is required that you be pre-approved just to get on the lists! Can you see how having an experienced Northern New Jersey Realtor on your side with twenty plus years of Northern New Jersey real estate transactions under her belt might come in handy?

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To play, thrive and survive in ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ and really make the most of your opportunities there you need a place to retreat to. Northern New Jersey Real Estate offers a break from the Big City adrenalin rush! Privacy! And, the peace of mind in knowing that your real estate investment will not only hold its value but always be in demand and always go up! But you had better know what you are doing when you enter the trade of buying and selling real estate in one of the globes most competitive, desirable real estate markets!

Right now the hottest North Jersey real estate sales are homes and property near walking distance of reliable, inexpensive transportation! Gerri Leventhal, ReMax and findnjhouse.com has been specializing for twenty plus years on buying and selling New Jersey real estate located near the essential train stations and bus line stops with direct, 24/7, 30 minute delivery into and from Manhattan. If you have ever been stuck for a few hours sitting in bumper to bumper traffic waiting to cross the George Washington Bridge or to enter the Lincoln Tunnel you know how important quality transportation lines into the popular centers of New York City really are!

Over the years Northern New Jersey towns have developed a vast commuter system catering to the New York worker. Property located conveniently near the passenger stations and transportation venues are in high demand and are slated to rise in value considerably over the next few decades. To learn more about Northern New Jersey’s real estate investment opportunities along the Montclair Boonton Train Line, Morris and Essex Train Lines, Raritan Valley Train Line and along the Main Train Line which services Clifton NJ you need to get yourself on Gerri Leventhal’s VIP Northern NJ Real Estate Investor’s Tip List! Get contacted first when new real estate investment opportunities first present themselves!

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  • Learn which neighborhoods and communities have award winning school systems and are in high demand from New Yorkers who want to move their kids out of the concrete jungle to raise their families in a safer more kid friendly environment.
  • Find then purchase the dream home you want at a price you can afford!
  • Find fixer uppers priced to sell that even an amateur can repair and remodel inexpensively!
  • Learn about turning unfinished basements into; usable extra storage space, adding additional bedrooms, a family game room and or even a home office.
  • Learn how to get prequalified for a mortgage loan or a line of credit at the maximum amount! Getting pre-approved allows you to take advantage of auctions and bank foreclosure property sales. Having a pre-underwriting letter also shows home sellers and their realtors that you really are ready to purchase their house right now. Home sellers are much more likely to accept a lower offer than the asking price from someone who definitely has the ability to get financing.

    Purchasing a home is likely to be the biggest investment you ever make. It is well worth it to have a specialist in your corner who thoroughly knows the area you wish to live in because they have resided and worked in that same area themselves for close to thirty years!

    Gerri Leventhal is that rare New Jersey’s realtor who makes it her business to know why individuals are moving out of their homes in certain areas and what major area companies are planning to relocate. Gerri’s network of community contacts keep her abreast of opportunities like who needs to sell their home fast perhaps because they are trying to purchase a larger one so chances are they will reduce the price to meet your offer just to get out from underneath the home that is holding them back. This is also true when the couple who owns the home is selling because they are getting a divorce.

    Buying a home isn’t an investment you want to take lightly. Most mortgages cover a 30 year period so the decision to purchase will affect your budget and dictate your life style for a very large part of the rest of your life. Getting the home you want at a price you can afford takes planning, research and time. Yet, this investment is well worth it to be living in the home of your dreams! Especially, if you can achieve it all at a bargain of a price!

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