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West Orange Education and Day Care

West Orange has 6462 students between grades k-12 which attend 7 elementary schools, 3 middle schools and 1 high school. Due to the large town, the public school offers many different programs which are not available in smaller school districts. Local residents do have the option of attending a neighboring elementary school if desired. Some programs are listed below:

Higher Apptitude Program

The West Orange Board of Education has developed the High Aptitude Program (HAP) to meet the needs of our gifted and talented students. Students must apply and qualify for this curriculum but it is open to all West Orange Residents. Additional information about HAP can be accessed on the district website, http://schools.woboe.org

English as a Second Language

Our ESL program assists the students in achieving social and cultural competence by integrating experiences and opportunities for the students to gain knowledge and insight into the customs, values, attitudes and diversity of culture in the United States. While becoming accustomed to life in the United States, the ESL program encourages students to maintain pride in their linguistic and cultural heritages

Vocational Training

The Career and Technical Education Department courses that specialize in the new technologies such as Robotics, Electronics, Software Applications, Graphic Communications, Desk Top Publishing, Web design, College Accounting and many others. A state-of-the-art Business Education Computer Labs serve students in career training, the Automotive Facility is well equipped and in full operation with instruction in topics ranging from electronic diagnostics to four wheel alignment. Our Cooperative Education program continues to successfully place students in employment positions which build resumes and lead to future growth potential. There is a Family and Consumer Science division which also offers a variety of courses. Students work in new and modern lab facilities within the broad areas of interpersonal relationships, foods, clothing, housing and child development.

World Language Department

The World Language department has been recognized as a model program for the state of New Jersey. Here children study cultures and language as the world becomes more and more intertwined in the 21st century.

The New Beginnings Program

The New Beginnings Program began at West Orange High School in 2006-2007. This is a program for classified students who have not been successful in being main streamed into a traditional day program. Students arrive at school at 1:00 and are dismissed at 5:45. During this time they are instructed in small groups and complete core academic subjects and electives. Counseling is provided for students by a School Psychologist or Social Worker.

Gregory Elementary School
Redwood Elementary School
St. Cloud Elementary School
Mt. Pleasant Elementary School
Hazel Avenue Elementary School
Pleasantdale Elementary School
Washington Elementary School
Edison Middle School
Roosevelt Middle School
Liberty Middle School
West Orange Highschool

Before and After School Programs

West Orange offers an after school program run by the Boys and Girls Club of West Orange. Five elementary schools have programs available Pleasantdale, Hazel, Gregory,Washington,and Mt. Pleasant Schools. The Liberty School offers an after school enrichment program run by the local teachers. Here students participate in classes of web design, power point, knitting, crafts, and some sports. The Community House also offers an evening program where children can participate in learning Soccer, Twa Kwon Doe, Basketball, ande Step Team after 6:oo pm. For more information contact: John Peterson (973) 736-1282 ext 19.


JCC MetroWest
Valley Settlement House
Solomon Schechter Preschool
West Orange Community House

Private Schools in West Orange

Seton Hall Prepatory– boys high school
Golda Och Academy Lower School (formerly Solomon Schechter of Essex & Union) grades prek-5
Golda Och Academy Upper School (formerly Solomon Schechter of Essex & Union) grades 6-12