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Montclair Education and Day Care

There are 11 schools in the Montclair Public School System; seven elementary schools, three middle schools and one comprehensive high school. The Montclair Schools have been recognized as one of the top six magnet school districts in the United States.

As a public school, Montclair has incorporated the Common Core Standards in mathematics and language arts. Every school includes classes in language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, art, music, world language and character education as part of its core curriculum. Students have access to computer technology at all 11 schools. At the middle and high school levels, students have the option of enrolling in a variety of elective courses in addition to those indicated above. Additionally, at the high school level, students can participate in small learning communities or traditional high school programs.

In addition to classroom teachers, each school has the services of a reading teacher(s), math coach(es), technology teacher(s), student assistance counselor(s), teacher assistants, and a school nurse(s). Child Study Team services are available in all schools for students with special educational needs. The STARS program provides academic support to students in Language Arts and/or Math in grades 1-12 in all schools. This program has an after school tutorial and summer component which is provided for elementary students at no cost to parents. The SAIL program provides youngsters who are academically gifted and talented with enrichment opportunities in language arts and math during the school day. Students are selected for the SAIL program through a combination of test scores, grades, teacher recommendations and interviews. Although the basic curriculum is the same, each school offers special programs consistent with its own magnet theme. The themes at each school are as follows:

Bradford School, the University Magnet, has a dynamic partnership with Montclair State University (MSU). Bradford students visit MSU for weekly music recitals, dance and theater performances, health and physical education, video conferencing, science experiments and visits to the Forensics Lab, and a host of other learning experiences.

The Charles H. Bullock is the newest school in Montclair its focus is on Enviromental Sciences. The theme is interpreted in the broadest possible sense to include natural sciences and the human environment. This begins with the family and extends to the community and beyond. Our community service orientation prepares students to be active, involved citizens of the world.

Edgemont is a Montessori school. One of the added benefits is the Cosmic Studies Lab, students develop an understanding of the world around them through hands-on, project based explorations, and real-life applications. The sciences, social and cultural studies, and technology are experienced by students through Science Teams and cooperative learning configurations. Edgemont has an Outdoor Learning Environment, and the Green Team’s Children’s Garden.

Hillside School’s gifted and talented program presumes ALL children have special gifts and talents environment. During the trimester cycles, children have the opportunity to take courses in art, foreign language, philosophy and logic, science, math, social studies, language arts, leadership, music, drama, dance computers, contemporary living, film and video. Half the day is spent with a Basics team for instruction in language arts, math, science and social studies. Full-time staff in French, Spanish, dance and other arts areas, provide instruction in Aesthetics and Creative “I” course offerings.

Nishuane School is the district’s K-2 Gifted & Talented Magnet School dedicated to identifying and nurturing the gifts and talents of our young learners. Nishuane School builds a strong foundation in literacy and mathematics for all children through meaningful curriculum, enhanced through the visual and performing arts and sciences. The Special Nishuane Arts Program (SNAP) is an integral part of every child’s academic experiences. All students receive weekly instruction in music (vocal and instrumental), physical education, art, technology, and library. As a special part of SNAP, every child at Nishuane School participates in a play each year.

At Northeast,the magnet theme, Global Studies, is a powerful perspective for examining and understanding our world’s people, places and problems. Studying the world provides our students opportunities to reflect on cultural diversity, the global economy, politics and real life issues. Each grade level studies a designated continent using the National Geographic standards as a framework. Students use maps, the environment, politics, topography, current events and populations to understand the past, present and future.

Watchung School is the proud recipient of three national Blue Ribbon awards, honored in 1989, 1993 and 2011. Watchung School has expanded on its magnet theme of Science and Technology, by constructing a state of the art media center and science lab, a school-wide week long Science Fair with Science Bee, a three-day environmental education camping trip, winter and spring concerts, three community building events, after school enrichment programs and regular science orientated field trips.

Glenfield School focuses on Montclair’s future artists. Students work throughout the year creating Major Theatrical/Musical/Dance/Art Productions. Student presentations punctuate each marking period on the Glenfield Middle School stage with Jazz Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Dance Concerts; a major musical play production; and an acting night for young thespians. Students learn the technical end of production, through lighting design and costume design, among other offerings.

Mount Hebron is Montclair’s University STEM Magnet ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Partnering with Montclair State University (MSU), and St. Joseph’s Hospital, the school is equipped with several technology learning centers and has the rich resources of MSU and St. Joe’s at its disposal. Technology is an integral component in each class.

The Renaissance curriculum is inspired by the historic rebirth of the arts and sciences. Renaissance offers classes in Sports and Games, Ballet, Modern Dance, Digital Literacy, Song Writing, Architecture, and Digital Art to name a few. Students also French, Spanish, or Latin during their three years in middle school. Renaissance also enjoys a productive collaboration with the Montclair Art Museum.

Montclair High School has made a commitment to continuous renewal for its excellent faculty and has joined with Montclair State University and the New Jersey Education Association to become a Professional Development School. The Career and College Program has provided students with authentic career experiences and workplace readiness skills The small learning communities are the Civics and Government Institute, Social Justice, Global Research, Medical Biology, and the Ninth Grade Academy. They are comprised of interdisciplinary blocks of courses, some of which are multi-year..

Transportation to and from school is available for students in the Montclair Public School District who meet the eligibility requirements. These requirements are based on the shortest walking distance from the student’s residence to the school they are attending.


Pre Schools

Montclair Cooperative School, 65 Chestnut Street, 783-4955
Montclair Kimberly Academy, 201 Valley Road, 746-9800
St. James Preschool, 581 Valley Rd., 744-0105
Shomrei Emunah Pre-school, 67 Park St., 746-5031
Union Congregational Nursery School, 176 Cooper Ave. 744-9069
MMO Programs, 40 South Fullerton Ave. 744-6521
Park Street Academy, 46 Park Street, 783-1900
Day Nurseries, 67 Church St. 783-4347
Maria Montessori Learning Center, 90 Christopher St.744-2718
Over the Rainbow, 32 Pleasant Ave., 744-5905
For more information on child care services, summer camps, before or after school care Child Care Smiles .

Montclair Private Schools

Lacordaire Academy Montclair Cooperative School
Montclair State University
Montclair Kimberly Academy
Montclair Adult Education
St. Cassian School


The Montclair YMCA Program is designed to meet both the needs of today’s working parents and the elementary through middle school-age child. The goal is to provide the child with a creative atmosphere in a well-supervised environment. The program is under the expert direction of the Montclair YMCA staff. Children entering Kindergarten through Grade 8 are eligible for this program. The After School Program is offered to all of the district’s elementary and middle schools. Children participate in the before and after school programs at the school he or she attends during the day. Please contact Mr. Rob Casale at the Montclair YMCA (973-744-3400), 25 Park Street, for program specifics and fee schedule.


Some Child Care Services in Montclair


Sunshine Daycare Shomrei Emunah Children’s Studio
(973) 744-4220 (973) 746-5031 (973) 746-6455
Pillsbury School Neighborhood Child Care Kidz Lounge Daycare
(973) 233-5215 (973)-744-4228 (973)-523-5800

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