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NJ  Buses to NYCLooking for a New York Suburb? Searching for houses for sale in NJ? Check out what’s been happening in these fabulous New Jersey Towns? The towns listed below do not have a train station but do offer a Manhattan commute in 30-60 minutes via a local bus service.The three largest bus Companies in New Jersey are Community Coach Bus Lines , DeCamp Bus Lines and New Jersey Transit. Today houses for sale in NJ which offer fast daily travel into NYC are in demand. These communities offer fine schools, beautiful architecture and easy NYC access. FindNJHouse.Com services some of the best NYC Suburbs New Jersey Real Estate has to offer. View Houses for Sale in NJ with direct bus service into NYC.


Verona NJ Real estateVerona is an affordable NYC Suburb located in Essex County. NJ real estate in Verona offers a very comfortable family lifestyle with blue ribbon schools, taxes around $12,000 and an easy NYC commute. If you are looking for houses for sale in NJ and are interested in a small town atmosphere with an excellent education for your children, discover what Verona has to offer. Located west of Montclair, Verona shares the same Decamp Bus Lines #66 and #33 into Midtown Manhattan. Verona residents are also within a 3 mile drive to Montclair State University Train Station, equipped with a huge parking deck for local residents to travel on the Montclair-Booton Train Line. Travel time from this location is close to 40 minutes door to door. VERONA HOMES FOR SALE.


Cedar Grove NJ Real EstateCedar Grove is a charming New York Suburb located in Essex County. Cedar Grove Real Estate is known for Park Ridge Estates, million dollar custom built homes as well as affordable split levels, raised ranches and luxury townhouses. If looking for Houses for Sale in NJ, Cedar Grove has something for all budgets. Cedar Grove has direct access into Midtown Manhattan provided by New Jersey Transit Bus lines #191 and #195. The bus travels north on Pompton Avenue to the Willowbrook Mall which is a large park and ride facility for local New Jersey residents and continues east into New York City. Cedar Grove residents also can drive about 2 miles into Montclair State University Train Station, park and ride the Montclair-Booton Train into Manhattan. Travel time from this location is close to 40 minutes. CEDAR GROVE HOMES FOR SALE.


Essex Fells NJ Real EstateEssex Fells is one of the hidden Gems of Essex County, NJ. Looking for a New York Suburb? Most home buyers have not even heard of this small community consisting of 720 houses. The town is all of 1.4 miles in size and is made up entirely of residential homes. Most of Essex Fells Homes are custom built multimillion dollar estates with several acres of land attached. If looking for Houses for Sale in NJ, and searching for a quiet community, with historic estates on large lots, with windy roads and mature landscapes. Then lets tour Essex Fells NJ. Essex Fells Residents can access Manhattan on Decamp Bus #33, NJ Transit Line #29 and #71, or drive about 2 miles to the West Orange Park and Ride facility where Community Coach Bus #77 has express service into NYC. Access to a train is at Little Fall, Montclair State University or the Harrison Path station, both offer a park and ride facility. ESSEX FELLS HOMES FOR SALE.

North Caldwell NJ Real EstateNorth Caldwell is a newer town by Essex County standards. North Caldwell Homes are larger and more expensive in comparison to its neighbors. The term “McMansion” describes most of North Caldwell’s architecture. If looking for Houses for Sale in NJ and searching North Caldwell one will find, beautiful homes with modern amenities and private small communities built on cul-de-sac locations. The commute to NYC is about 45 minutes by train or bus. Decamp Bus #33 travels down Bloomfield Avenue directly into NYC. Also North Caldwell has a 10 minute drive to the Willowbrook Mall where New Jersey Transit Buses go express into Manhattan averaging a 25 minute commute to Midtown. The Montclair-Booton Line gives direct train access to both Lower Manhattan ( wall street) and Penn Station in NYC. NORTH CALDWELL HOMES FOR SALE


Caldwell NJ Real EstateCaldwell is one of the most popular New York Suburbs located in Northern New Jersey. The well known “Sopranos” was filmed in the Caldwells. If searching for Houses for Sale in NJ and looking for a comfortable community just 16 miles from NYC, then lets tour Caldwell NJ. NYC is 50 minutes away by train or bus. DeCamp bus #33 travels down Bloomfield Avenue, a 10 minute drive to the Willowbrook Mall will land you on one of New Jersey Transit Express Bus Lines into NYC. Looking for a train, the Montclair State University Station offers a huge multi-tiered parking deck for residents looking for the Montclair-Booton Train Line. CALDWELL HOMES FOR SALE


West Caldwell NJ Real EstateWest Caldwell is a popular New York Suburb, located just West of Caldwell Twp. The two towns share a school system, downtown shopping area on Bloomfield Avenue and also a commute. Taxes in West Caldwell are lower than average for Essex County. If looking for Houses for Sale in NJ and taxes are a concern check out the popular Cedar Neighborhood which offers very affordable colonials in the $300,000-$400,000 range. Residents from West Caldwell NJ have access to the same bus and train routes as Caldwell and North Caldwell residents. WEST CALDWELL HOMES FOR SALE


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FindNJHouse.com has done the research for you! We specialize in Houses for Sale in NJ which offer a 30-60 minute commute to New York City via bus, train or jitney service. If considering a New York Suburb in New Jersey contact Gerri Leventhal to discover what New Jersey Real Estate has to offer.

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