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Montclair and Upper Montclair are two communities but one town. Separated by only a zip code this well known town is located on the midtown direct train line. Home prices range between $500,000-2,500,000 depending on lot size, square footage and other amenities. The community is well known for its local writers, actors, painters and eclectic love of the arts. The magnet school system has a very diverse curriculum which prepares students for the modern 21st century world.

Montclair Homes | NJ Towns close to NYC

The commute from Montclair to Manhattan is about 10 miles and takes about 20 minutes during quiet hours. During rush hour New Jersey Transit, Montclair Boonton Line run from Montclair to New York’s Penn Station in about 35 minutes. NYC commuters leaving Bay Street in Montclair at 7:30 a.m. reach New York at 8:05 am. […]

Montclair NJ Real Estate | Search NJ MLS Listings

Search the Montclair NJ Real Estate Listings on the NJ MLS, bookmark the homes that interest you and request daily emails of news on the local NJ MLS. Homes are selling and multiple bids are happening in the more desireable Essex County Towns. Where exactly is Upper Montclair? What is the difference between 07042 and […]

Sell My Montclair NJ Real Estate

The statistics are in and there is no question about it. Today is a great time to sell your Montclair NJ Real Estate. Why ? Let me give you a good reason. Simple economics 101 states as supply goes down demand goes up. The NJ MLS Real Estate Market show: Looking for a Montclair Home with […]

Montclair NJ Real Estate | Church St

The American Planning Association’s New Jersey Chapter has recently named Montclair NJ, Church Street as one of two “Great Places” in the Garden State for 2012. This is no great surprise to Montclair residents who enjoy the art galleries, restaurants, and open concerts that Church Street has to offer. But for those of you who […]

Montclair NJ Real Estate | Plymouth Street

There is a lot of talk amongst New Jersey Home Buyers when it comes to Montclair Real Estate. Most New Yorkers have heard of Montclair NJ, they usually have a friend who lives here or a family member who has been here. But few know the difference between Upper Montclair and Montclair Real Estate. So […]

Multifamily Homes | Montclair NJ Real Estate

Theres been a shift in the local Montclair NJ Real Estate Market. I as a realtor just took notice today. Yes the market is getting stronger, interest rates are extremely low and prices are also down. Its a great time to buy if you have some extra cash. But what no one is really talking about […]

Kips Ridge in Montclair

There has been a real estate trend in Northern New Jersey towards very large, luxury townhouse communities. Kips Ridge in Montclair, was built about 25 years ago and it was one of the first luxury townhouse communities in Northern New Jersey. The location is private and secluded from the normal hustle and bustle of Montclair […]

South Mountain Estates, Montclair NJ Real Estate

Montclair NJ Real Estate is well known to New Yorkers. The community has always been a magnet for urbanites looking to expand into the suburbs while still commuting daily to New York City. Upper Montclair NJ Real Estate is the most popular known for a walkable downtown, Brookdale Park, Edgemont Park and a 30 minute […]

March 2012 Realtor.com Study Shows Upward Trends

March 2012 totals are in and show some trends that you will want to consider if you have a home for sale or will be buying a home soon.  According to Realtor.com, housing market indicators are looking up.  The national median list price has increased between February and March, displaying a steady, slow rise.  The […]