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Buying and Selling Montclair Homes 2013

Montclair Real Estate Market 2012 Montclair Real Estate in 2012 showed a clear indication that the recession was over in New Jersey. It was the first time in over 5 years where housing showed positive growth for 12 straight months. Key statistics to Note: seller/buyer ratio in Jan 2012 (12:1), seller/buyer ratio in Dec 2012 receded to (4:1). Following through into January 2013 seller/buyer ratio (5:1) most likely a seasonal adjustment. Today, in November 2013 seller/buyer ratio is (2:1) coupled with the effect of more buyers being in the real estate market for the first time in 5 years, Montclair’s unsold housing inventory fell by 50%.

In summary, Montclair Housing is poised to rise significantly in 2014.
Montclair Real Estate Market Graph and Statistics 2013

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