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Buying A Retirement Home In Northern New Jersey



55 and over communitiesNorthern New Jersey Baby boomers are rapidly approaching what used to be defined as “retirement age”. The big question that often comes up as one approaches their twilight years is whether there will be enough retirement savings in place to be able to live a comfortable life throughout one’s entire remaining life span. There have been plenty of warnings from Washington DC that our Social Security system will not be able to hold up under the huge demand this extra-large Boomer generation will put on it. Add our recent economic recession to the stress of such a large number of Boomers all retiring at the same time and anyone can see money problems on the horizon locally, statewide as well as nationally. Few Northern New Jersey Baby Boomers are confident with simply relying on their part of our government’s money still actually being there for them, even though we are all paying into it every month!

On top of that, gone are the days of our parents working for the same company for 50 years then retiring with a hefty financial package and a gold watch. Long ago corporate America began to eliminate retirement packages as a straight forward benefit. So many North Jersey Baby Boomers find themselves approaching retirement age with insufficient retirement monies to support them in the life style they have become accustomed to living here in the affluent New York suburbs of North New Jersey.

NJ Baby Boomers are Re-inventing Retirement

NJ Baby Boomers Are Demanding Local New Jersey Based Retirement Communities Be Built Or Remodeled So That They Cater to More Active Retirement Lifestyles!

“Old age” was never in the vocabulary of the Boomer retirees. They lived under a creed of despising the aging process throughout their history. Born as activists questioning everything, they combat inevitable aging and appose antiquated retirement concepts embraced by their parents. New Jersey’s boomers give more attention to how they are going to lace up roller blades, download on their iPod’s and skate into sophisticated, hip, energetic adult communities. In Northern New Jersey the Boomers refer to their new adult only hoods as Lifestyle Communities! These hip adult neighborhoods are being created all over Northern New Jersey to cater to the Baby Boomers whims.

The Four Seasons Cedar Grove Townhouses Livingston Townhouses

There are many innovative adult communities springing up all over Northern New Jersey and more in the stages of planning. The need for building such communities will remain constant for the coming decades to give a place for empty nesters to resettle after their kids leave home. The location, ambiance, size and amenities vary greatly especially here in the New York City vicinity. The Boomers are looking for far more from their retirement communities than what has previously existed. Luxury Townhome communities with over 4000 sf are popping up in

South Orange Townhouses North Caldwell Townhouses West Orange Townhouses

To find out more about retirement communities available in Northern New Jersey to meet any lifestyle contact Gerri Leventhal or read more about the available 55 and over communities available 30-60 minutes outside of New York City.

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