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What Is The best Time Of Year To List Your North New Jersey Home For Sale?

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Why You Can Sell Your North NJ House For More During The Holiday Season!

If you are wondering if there is a best time of the year to list a Northern New Jersey Homestead for sale, the answer depends on your objectives and situation. Obviously no time is as great as the present to list a property if you are strapped for cash, behind on bills and need funds now! When you are under the gun, being chased by creditors or sitting on a lucrative deal that you need funding for, you want to get your home listed fast with a competent realtor who knows House Marketing in North Jersey so that as many possible buyers will see it soon! But, if you are not in dire need to unload your property yesterday or worrying about defaulting on your loan payments and losing it all in foreclosure, then you would want to plan ahead for getting the most money possible out of your sale.

The summer months are the perfect time in North New Jersey to start getting your property prepared for sale. Why? Because in North New Jersey, the highest bids are placed on property during the Holiday Season! People who shop for a new home during the Holidays are serious buyers! Home Buyers are more emotional during Holiday time and that means they are less apt to quibble over your asking price. Throw up some holiday decorations, leave some snow man shaped cookies out on the kitchen counter with a little sign help yourself and you have tapped into all the fun and emotion of this magical time of year!

People have time off during the holidays which means more time to look for a house! Yes, homes are bought as presents and decisions are made to please family members during the holidays! Buying a home is usually a family decision and what better time to go looking at houses together than during the holiday season when the kids are off from school and both parents are off from work.

Another important reason for listing your New Jersey home during the holiday season is that accountants often advise people to make property purchases before the year ends to take advantage of tax saving opportunities. These people need to make a buying decision now! Plus, their choices are less since the inventory of homes for sale in Northern New Jersey goes way down during the holidays. Less competition means your chances of selling at the price you want to get goes way up!

Many companies, corporations and businesses announce restructuring plans for the coming year early, which means people know they are getting transferred to the New York City area. These people want to find their suburban home and get their families situated before they have to start working in their new office come January. Many transferees get home buying allowances and relocation money paid by their company so price is less of an object! Are you beginning to see why it is in your very best interest to start preparing your home for listing now so you can take advantage of the North New Jersey Seller’s Market that comes for just a few months each year at holiday time!

The best part about listing your home during the holidays is you do not have to worry about ruining your own family’s holiday plans with pesky interruptions by home shoppers during holiday dinner. I can show you how you can list your home with restrictions to the amount of showings during the few important days leading up to and after the actual holidays so your family can put aside the best days for yourselves to celebrate!/

If you start now in the summer, you have plenty of time to get your place in tip top shape so it commands attention and demands the highest bids possible!

You can get your castle spruced up cheaper now, in the summer because contractors charge less during the nice weather especially for outside work. Plus, neighborhood kids are a dime a dozen for hire for cleanup and odd unskilled jobs since they have no school. During the summer, weather conditions are best for certain types of construction like pouring concrete, patching or putting on new roofs, painting, siding and landscaping all which can be delayed by unexpected drops in temperature, ice or snow during the often harsh New Jersey winter months.

If you start planning to sell your New Jersey House now you also have time to make your Holiday Season ‘HOME FOR SALE’ Marketing Plan!

Did you know you can sell your home during the Holiday Season for top dollar while stipulating a delayed closing or require an extended occupancy clause so you do not have to turn over your property until early the next year! This allows you to list and sell while the New Jersey Real Estate Market is favorable for sellers to get your asking price plus you have the opportunity to buy sometime during January or even later when the market shifts to be in the buyer’s favor because of all the new home listings that always show up during the beginning of the new year in North New Jersey Home Listings.

You are selling high and buying low! Welcome to the big leagues of Northern New Jersey Real Estate Investing!

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