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Art and Science of Real Estate Consulting | Gerri Leventhal

Art and Science of Real Estate BusinessHere’s Your Guide to Solid Real Estate Business Development. Gain Referrals, Master Online and Offline Marketing Strategy, Create Great Neighborhood Word-of-Mouth Advertising, Build Your Business Persona and Your Brand Image, Synchronize All Your Efforts to Cross Promote. Put in place good daily business habits. See the whole Realty Scene and business picture. Gain more than a few legs up on the other Realty Agents working your territory.

Here, Author Realtor Broker Gerri Leventhal offers a new book to help Realtors learn how to manage, run, promote and market their Real Estate Business successfully and competitively in All Market Conditions. The new book addresses the many business risks faced by today’s Realty Agents as well as explaining the many new opportunities presented by leveraging emerging technology in novel ways. Never before in history have Realtors had so much data and info at their fingertips that can be used for advising clients as well as courting new clients.

Turning average Realtors into extraordinary Realtors in this day and age with real promising long term careers in local property consulting requires the wisdom of an experienced Realty Agent Trainer and Broker who has seen and struggled through a lot of shaky Real Estate Market Conditions prosperously. All Realtors will find the Art and Science of Real Estate Consulting illuminating and instructional. Gerri Leventhal writes inspiringly about building proud Real Estate Careers ethically. She infuses confidence in her readers while arming them with new skills,info and methods they need to compete in today’s markets and win.

You’ll learn how the Best, Top Real Estate Agents dominate their consulting sales territories.

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