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Archives for January 2013

Setting rent on investment property

Setting the rent on your investment property is one of the more important tasks you’ll face as a landlord. Getting top dollar for your rental is important when it comes to meeting your financial goals. If you set the rent too high, you could go vacant or have high turn over rates. If you set […]

Suburban NJ Living

Taking the bite out of The Big Apple For generations and generations, people have been coming from all over the world to New York City seeking to make their mark, find their fortunes and start new, better lives for themselves and their families. Frank Sinatra belting out the famous lyrics, “If I can make it […]

How to Become a Real estate Investor

Becoming a real estate investor and thus a landlord requires a unique set of skills. It’s important to understand what is involved with a landlord’s role. One of the challenges for new landlords is deciding to manage their investment properties on their own or hire a property management firm to cover all the details. If […]

Million Dollar Homes Cedar Grove NJ

Looking for elegance and privacy just outside of New York City? Visit Park Ridge Estates known for its Million dollar homes in Cedar Grove, which overlook the Manhattan skyline. Here in Park Ridge, homes range from modern contemporary to classic brick colonials on well over an acre of land. Taxes are very moderate for Essex […]

Zillow’s Housing Recovery Report 2013

According to the National Mortgage Professional, The housing market recovery we’ve been experiencing throughout 2012 should continue on its own momentum into 2013. “Tight inventory, courtesy of negative equity, is running headlong into high demand driven by historic affordability and renewed consumer and investor interest. This is helping home values rise in a majority of […]

07042 | Researching Montclair Real Estate

If you are considering Montclair Homes and would like to get to know the community prior to making a large investment there are some terrific sources. Great Schools  is a fabulous starting point to review the education system, they even have a section for parental feedback, where parents can list their concerns and comments. Check […]

Buying a Home in Northern New Jersey

Northern New Jersey real estate is attracting an ever-increasing number of new residents. The quick commute into the Big Apple, the cheaper living conditions, the lower crime rate and the quality of the school systems are just some of the qualities resulting in more and more city folk taking a better look at neighboring towns […]

Bankrate predicts 2013 Mortgage Rates

It is great news for 2013! Senior Financial Analyst Greg McBride from Bankrate has predicted mortgage rates to stay under 4% for 2013. Credit will ease as banks start to compete for home equity loans and other credit products. See Bankrate.Com for more details.